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Conrado Rillo

Research professor CSIC, currently director of Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA) in Zaragoza, Spain.

My professional career has focused on technological development, through innovations that have given rise to applications of strategic interest for national and international companies and institutions. These innovations include very successful commercial products, such as those corresponding to the new helium recovery technologies, which, since 2012, are been installed in laboratories and hospitals around the world. It should be noted:
i) the development of scientific instrumentation for the study and characterization of materials, highlighting a transfer project on industrial magnetism applied to the shielding of the AVE train signaling cables, with the company CABLES DE COMUNICACIONES;
ii) the development and transfer to a national metrological center (TPYCEA) of electric quantum standards based on the quantum Josephson and Hall effects;
iii) the design and testing of cryostats and superconducting magnets for energy storage (ASINEL-RED ELÉCTRICA-UNESA, ANTEC) and particle accelerators (DURO FELGUERA-CERN(LHC)).
iv) the development of new helium recovery, purification and liquefaction techniques adaptable to hospitals and research centers. This innovating technology, protected by six families of patents (27 national applications, all of them granted to date), and licensed by CSIC and UNIZAR to the company QUANTUM DESIGN INTERNATIONAL (San Diego, USA), is being implemented in hospitals and laboratories around the world, having generated more than 3 million euros in «royalties». Moreover, with this technology a global problem produced by concentrations of molecular hydrogen impurities in helium, lower than 1:109, which caused enormous economic losses in hospitals and laboratories throughout the world, has been solved and published.