ORCID: 0000-0002-0047-1772
Researcher ID: K-1700-2014
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Fernando Bartolomé

Currently a CSIC Research Scientist at INMA, I got my PhD from University of Zaragoza in 1995. I was a CNRS researcher for 3 years in Grenoble thanks to an European Mobility program contract.

Back to Zaragoza, I started a program using synchrotron radiation to study several magnetism and nanomagnetism problems. We have recently focused on 2D magnetic materials, such as nanostructured magnetic films and monolayers of magnetic molecular materials. I officially proposed a couple of ALBA beamlines.

The results of my work have been portrayed in ~140 papers, a score of invited presentations at international conferences, the direction of 4 PhDs, and quite a high number of outreach activities. Together with my group, we wrote by invitation a chapter for the Handbook of Magnetic Materials (vol. 26) that appeared in 2017.