Synthesis Gallery


Floating zone furnace

Floating zone furnace: single crystal growth of transition metal oxides at melting temperatures.


Muffles up to 1200 C.

Tubular furnace up to 1400 C under Ar, O2 gas atmospheres.

Arc furnace

Arc furnace model Mini Arc Melting System MAM-1 (from Edmund Bhler GmbH) to grow bulk intermettalic samples.

Restsch Ball Mill Station

Restsch Ball Mill Station. It allows for ultrafine grinding as well as for mixing and homogenizing materials.

IsoMet 1000

IsoMet 1000 precision sectioning saw (Buehler) for cutting various types of materials.

Home-made magnetron sputtering system

Home-made magnetron sputtering system. It allows the automatic growth (controlled though a computer program) of multilayers by sequential sputtering as well as the growth of thin films by single-sputtering or co-sputtering of two targets. Our DC, Pulsed-DC and RF power supplies allow the growth of a wide variety of samples. High temperature deposition and reactive (O2, N2) sputtering are also available.